Designed and manufactured end to end on-site, Milspec’s KAMS 18 and 54 units are an all-in-one key management system.

Derived from a prototype designed and developed by Milspec Manufacturing in 2004, the KAMS unit is built to comply with SCEC standards, and is manufactured on site, keeping costs low and lead times short.

Key features:

  • Key Control
  • Building Control
  • Fleet Management Control
  • Asset Protection

Our KAMS units provide the smart and easy to use solution to:

  • Manage individual key access for all employees.
  • Audit both keys and users.
  • Receive an alarm when a key isn’t returned.
  • Back up power to provide system access for up to 6 hours in a black out.

Our KAMs units are now sold across the globe, with distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Qatar, and North America.