BAE Systems

Since 2005 Milspec have developed a long term relationship with BAE that has seen them producing the Nulka canister for the Australian, US, and Canadian navies.

Nulka is used by almost all Allied navies and is an active missile decoy, providing warships with a highly effective defence against anti-ship missiles.

Milspec are currently the only Australian company certified to work as a sub-contractor for BAE’s highly successful Nulka Decoy system.

The cannisters have over 60 machined parts, complex cable looms and electronics, which Milspec manufacture, assemble, and test in-house.

Milspec’s in-house testing and manufacturing capabilities mean that they can provide BAE with not only a complete subsystem,  but also support BAE in through life refurbishment programs.

The longevity of Milspec’s relationship with BAE is a testament to their ability to consistently deliver quality, on-time products.