300 (Air Cooled)

Our 300A alternator is currently installed and in service on the highly successful Thales Bushmaster and Navistar Husky vehicles

In 2004 Milspec was approached by Thales to develop a 300A alternator for the Bushmaster vehicle to replace the current 100A unit.

Working closely with Thales, our alternator was designed and developed around exact requirements. Trials were conducted in the vehicle for EMC, temperature and reliability, proving that we were able to design and develop an alternator that fit into the confines available, our alternator was selected for the highly successful Bushmaster vehicle.

Given the success of our alternator in the Bushmaster, Navistar assessed our unit during the process of identifying a suitable alternator for their Husky vehicle. Navistar found that our unit was the worlds smallest military spec alternator in their capacity range. Our 300A alternator was selected by Navistar to be installed in their Husky vehicle.

Our 300A alternator is now in service with at least a dozen armed forces worldwide, with more than 1000 units of different variants in service in the Australian Defence Force.

The success of our 300A alternator has allowed us to develop our range of permanent magnet and inductor alternators to extend up to a 900A alternator.

  • 28 Volt, 300 Amp inductor alternator
  • Air Cooled
  • IP67
  • Lighter and smaller than competitors
  • Meets military standards Mil STD 461, Mil STD 810 and Mil STD 1275
  • Meets quality standards AS9100 and ISO9001
  • Features a double seal on the ball bearing, increasing the lifespan to 11,00 hrs

Please download our specifications brochure for more information.